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BlissBE.ME Integrative Holistic Health is two-fold; 

1) On-line "Body, Mind, Spirit" Monthly Membership with strategies for expanded consciousness. Progressive thought provoking areas and how to's to illuminate the pre-programming of the subconscious mind and create your strategies for change. Also included are bonus topics and resources for stress management, nervous system regulation, healing meditations for heart centered blissful living. Open your receiving channels of manifestation and create more bliss in your everyday.

On-line Monthly immersions and free educational resources for your health, healing + expanded consciousness. 

2) In-person /virtual /distant health and healing treatments.

The foundation is in the awareness of your body's dynamic energy centers  (chakras) and your human biofield /energy field, your subconscious, conscious + supra conscious mind.  Supporting the transformation of old thought patterns to new neural pathways that support your conscious decisions in creation of your healing lifestyle, optimizing your over-all well-being.

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Breath, Himalayan Yoga & Meditation

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