About Us

BlissBE.ME Integrative Holistic Health Inc.

Debra O'Neill Founder, CEO, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

  • Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner CAIEHP
  • PSYCH Advanced/Pro Facilitator 
  • Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Initiate
  • Certified Sound Healing Therapeutics 
  • Aroma Accu-points, Healing Oil Collective Pro
  • Swiss Bionics PEMF Therapy and Sales

BlissBE.ME Integrative Holistic Health is two-fold;  in-person health and healing treatments and LIVE immersions and an on-line educational resources for your health, healing and expanded consciousness.  The foundation is in the awareness of your body's dynamic energy centers and your human energy field that supports your healing lifestyle and over-all wellbeing.

At BlissBE.ME we offer an on-line "Body, Mind, Spirit" monthly membership with strategies for expanded consciousness. Progressive thought provoking areas and how to's to illuminate the pre-programming of the subconscious mind and create your strategies for change. Also included are bonus topics and resources for stress management, nervous system regulation, healing meditations for heart centered blissful living. Open the receiving channel of manifestation to create more bliss in your everyday.

Join us in our free and paid monthly offerings https://linktr.ee/blissbe.me please share for the benefit of all.


Educate. Embody. BE your results.

With love, your team @BlissBE.ME


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