Unlocking the mystery of the 2nd energy centre!

December 1, 2021


Unlocking the Mystery of the 1st to 2nd Energy Centre 


As we journey into unlocking the mystery of our energy body we want to become more aware of who, what, when, where, why and how you show up in your everyday. 

How are you directing your energy in these area? What is the outcome, what do you notice? it is blah, hyper, exhausted, stressed, possibly even anxiety, frustration, fear of the uncertainty, sad, glad.  You may not entirely like what you see, and long for a change and want more from your day, week, year, life.

This may bring up some emotions, which is a reason to celebrate this energy in motion. Let’s get to work.

Benefit #1

We have worked with acknowledging your right to exist, looking at your values and boundaries, and creating safety within your body. Learning how to calm the breath and the importance of regulating your nervous system

Benefit #2

This sets the foundation for movement up the energy body...

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